Sunday, January 3, 2010

Recent Randomness...

First: Rocky has taken over my bed. Thankfully, he still lets me have it back when I come home to visit. He's so cute! In the mornings when I'm home, he'll come and whine at my door to come in, and when my mom lets him in he jumps up and sticks his nose about a centimeter from my face. Gotta love him!
Second: This was a result of my trying to entertain myself on Trax on the way home from work. I thought this pic turned out really cool!
Third: Being bored on Trax. Same night.
Fourth: Me and my Charlie Brown Christmas tree at my Salt Lake house!! It was so cute!
Fifth: Shan and I at the Jazz game!! GO JAZZ!!!

Work at the HCH

This is my awesome hairnet...:). I know I know...I look like a lunch lady. haha!
Me in my scrubs in the locker room with my cool ID

Happy New Year!!

These past couple of months have been busy, challenging, and WAY fun!! Although I started to get really burnt out from school, the semester ended on a good note for me. Its been such a relief to be done with school for a few weeks! I have one more week of freedom before its back to the old semester should be fun though! I'm excited! I'll be taking Biomedical Chemistry (aka, pathology), The Global Citizen (which is a class all about international travel), the U.S. National Government, and Scientific Writing. Three of those 4 classes are general credits, which I am thrilled about, let me just tell you....but to counter that, I also have 2 fun classes! During the first half of the semester I'll be taking a tennis class, and during the second half it will change to golf! :D I thought I'd give myself a bit of a break, since I've been in school for a year and a half STRAIGHT without any significant break. Whew.
Anyway, since classes ended I've just been hanging out at home in Layton with the fam and friends and commuting to Salt Lake for work. Work up at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital has been going really well! I feel more and more comfortable there as time goes on. I am now about 98% sure of where everything goes and where things are in our department. For some of the items, I can even tell you the cart they're on, the shelf they're on, and the reference number that goes with them. I only work with 3 other people at any given time, which is good and bad at the same time. Its good because I get to know them really well and we have a great time together. Its bad because I don't really get to branch out and make connections at work like I used to. But its all good! :) I really do enjoy what I do, I've always been a person who likes things neat, organized, and clean. I've always been one to pay close attention to detail, and (call me crazy, but...) I've always enjoyed doing the dishes, so this job has been right up my alley. Another plus is that I get to listen to my ipod while I work, so it makes it fun and the time literally flies!
No, I don't get to see a whole lot of blood and guts :) There are a few times back in the Decontamination room where instruments come back really bloody, but other than that everything is pretty clean. The one time I have been able to go into an O.R. during a surgery was to try and fix an ipod because the nurses couldn't figure out why it wasn't playing over their speakers. Turns out, they had the wrong attachment. "It's not rocket science..." haha!
I'll post some pictures of me in my scrubs and the fabulous hairnet I get to wear. I LOVE wearing scrubs, they are my favorite! :)
The Holidays this year have been really fun for me. I've been able to spend lots of time at home, I've been able to go skiing, and I've been able to watch all kinds of movies that I only get to see when there's no school. I've had the opportunity to visit and catch up with old friends, I got the chance to talk to my BEST friend, I was able to see a good friend who recently returned from a mission, and I've been able to strengthen a friendship I didn't realize I had. It's been a GREAT two weeks:)
I'm really excited for this upcoming year, I feel like there's a lot of exciting things coming my way and I can't wait to see what they are. I'm loving the adventure I'm having at this time in my life and I really have found a lot of joy in my journey. Most of that joy has come from family and good friends, and I'm very grateful for everyone in my life! You all mean the world to me! I can't imagine where I would be without all the awesome examples and influences that I've had. Thanks to everyone, and I hope you all have as exciting a New Year as I feel is waiting for me! :D