Thursday, January 22, 2009


So it's been forever since I last posted here.  School has been CRAZY, and the semester is only two weeks old!!  This semester consists of chemistry, chemistry, oh and some more chemistry!  Throw in there a little bit of history and communications, and there's no extra time for me to even breathe!!  I think I've figured it out tho - as long as I don't think about anything further than tomorrow, I'll be fine.  The minute I start thinking about all the things I have to do within the next week, I totally get overwhelmed.  Note to self: take things one day at a time.  Despite the busy-ness of school and work, life has been good!  I try to balance out my academics with a little time with friends and the occasional visit home to Layton.  It's working out great so far! :) 

To make up for my lack of blogging during the past month, here are some highlights: 

1. One day during the first week of January (I can't remember the exact date...) I got so...incredibly...bored...that I ended up going outside to shovel snow and stomp paths through the snow to our front door to entertain myself.  We now have the finest snow paths in all of Salt Lake City.

2. Last week, on January 15th, I went to the LDS Fraternity/Sorority "Rush" Carnival - not to join a sorority (are you kidding?? I don't have time for that) but just because my friends were there and told me to come.  I had a great time!  There were all kinds of fun activities and food and games.  One of the games there can be compared to beer pong, but instead of cups with beer, there were cups of water.  What's so great about cups of water, you ask?  Well - in some of the cups, there were real, live goldfish!!!!  So when you tossed the ping pong ball over to the cups and it landed in one of the cups with a goldfish in it, you had to drink the water AND the goldfish!!!  I have such a good aim, that I got the happy privilege of drinking a goldfish.  You know that scene on Finding Nemo, where Marlin and Dori get stuck in that pelican's throat?  I know exactly how that pelican felt.  Except I didn't spit my fish back out...I actually swallowed him. 

3. I have successfully pushed 4 stuck cars out from the back of our ice and snow filled driveway!!  For 3 of the cars, I had help from one or two other people, but this last incident - one that involved a TRUCK - I did on my own.  My roommate Amanda came into my room one Saturday morning at 6:30 and asked if I could come help push her out, because she was spinning on the ice.  So I got up to go help her.  First I tried pushing while she stepped on the gas...didn't work.  Then we switched, with her pushing and me on the gas.  Again...nothing.   So then I decide to bring out the secret weapon: salt.  We spread that all over the driveway and around the wheels, and then we decided to push one more time.  So Amanda climbed in the truck, I took my position in the back, and singlehandedly, I pushed that truck out of the driveway.  I guess some (or most....) credit needs to go to the salt, but still.  By MYSELF people.  Little me pushing a truck.  That's pretty impressive. :) haha

4. I've been kicked out of the America First Metro branch.  Okay, not really - but I like to say it like that. :) So here's what's happened: The branch that I work at (the Metro branch) is considered the training branch for our district.  It just so happens that within the past month, AFCU has hired 6 new tellers who all need to be trained.  At the same time.  At our branch, we have at least 16 tellers that rotate shifts to share 11 teller stations.  16+6=...too many tellers, not enough teller stations.  So they've sent me away for awhile. :) This past week I started going down to the Millcreek branch.  At first I wasn't so excited about that, but it's actually been really fun!! It's a nice breath of fresh air away from Metro.  I also like that the branch is a lot less ghetto than the Metro branch - everything is new and improved! There are no cramped stations or out of date computer monitors - even the members are new and improved!!  There are hardly any smelly members!!  That's kind of mean, but its true!!  I really like it at Millcreek, I don't know if I'll WANT to go back to Metro!!  I'll be there for 3 or 4 weeks, so I'll enjoy it while I can! 

Well there you go - my life in a very small nutshell :)

p.s. Here's just a friendly reminder: My birthday is 13 days from now, encounting...