Thursday, April 16, 2009

White People Are Mean

Ok, so that sounds really racist, but I promise I'm not!! It's just that at work, in downtown SLC, I help tons of people of all different sizes, shapes, ages, colors, classes, mannerisms, attitudes, and styles, everyday. I've worked at America First for almost two years now, and I have yet to help a mean, stingy, or rude black person. They have always been so nice and friendly! Their fun personalities totally show through, even though I only interact with them for a few minutes. Don't get me wrong, the majority of all people that come into the Credit Union are very nice and friendly. I've just noticed that the few people that come into the credit union every once in awhile with bad attitudes are white!! So, this is just a friendly reminder to anyone, no matter what your size, shape, age, color, class, mannerism, attitude, or style is, that if you're planning on going into a bank or credit union today to do business and you're having a bad day, don't take it out on the tellers!! Tellers are REAL people too!! We're not the same as the ATM machines that spit cash back out at you. We're human beings with real feelings, and for the most part we like to be treated as such!!

Sorry. I just needed to vent. :)

The End Is In Sight!

There are only 2 more weeks of classes and then the semester will be OVER!! I can hardly wait! This semester has been tough, to say the, I can't believe I'm coming to the end of my second year in college! That's so crazy - where does the time go? I guess my parents weren't lying when they said time goes faster as you get older.

Well its been awhile, so here are some updates...

For Easter this past weekend, I just went home and hung out with the parentals. It was nice - its always fun to get away from school and Salt Lake, even if its just for a day or two. Both my grandma's came over for a delicious Easter feast prepared by my awesome mom! Other than that, nothing exciting happened last weekend...unless you count getting the snow tires taken off of my car, or the fact that my allergies flared up as exciting...

I'm all signed up for summer semester here at the U. General Chemistry 2, here I come...

Jordan will have have been gone for 10 months this Saturday!! Its so crazy that I haven't seen him in that long...its gone by super fast tho!! Almost halfway there!! :)

I almost tanked it on our front porch this morning. It was covered in invisible ice. It was really funny!

OH!! I got a new beta fish!! I don't know if I ever mentioned that I had one in the first first fish was red, his name was Ute, and I accidentally killed him by letting his bowl get too dirty!! :( I know, I'm a terrible person...but I got a new one!! He's blackish red, has really really spiky fins, and his name is Jack-Jack!!! He's so cute!! And fun to talk to :) I love my fishy fish!!