Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Week of Fridays!

This week was fabulous - every night this week felt like it was Friday night! It was GREAT!! :D On Monday for FHE, my student ward went down to see the lights at temple square! It had snowed earlier that day, which made the lights even more pretty!! After the lights, I got to play basketball at the institute for awhile, and then we went to the Pie for dinner! It was my first time there, and it was a lot of fun! The atmosphere there is so fun...the restaurant is in this basement with tons of writing and graffiti looking stuff on the walls, with music and tv playing, and the PIZZA! Oh it was delicious! I loved it! So that was the first "Friday" night of the week! On Tuesday, I got to go home to Layton because my family had tickets to a Jon Schmidt concert up in Ogden!! Jon Schmidt is so funny! I wish I could play the piano like him! His piano Christmas songs totally set the Christmas mood for me! Then on Wednesday I got a surprise phone call from my cousin Danny, who just got home from his mission to Colombia!! He said he was coming down to Salt Lake to hang out with Rachel and Clint (my other cousins!) and he wondered if I wanted to hang out too! So after my Anatomy Lab Practicum (which went very well! I had to identify 70 different structures on different body parts in the cadaver was thrilling) Danny came over, and then we headed over to Clint and Rachel's apartment for a night of games and Ratatouille! I had a blast! I love my cousins!! :D Thursday after work, I was back over to Rachel's apartment for another night of movies and just hanging out! Rachel works with me at America First now, so we have a lot of fun! So finally we're to the REAL Friday night - last night - which was probably the best Friday night of this week! I went to an "Ugly Sweater" party for like 15 minutes - just enough time to have some hot chocolate and burn my tongue while I was at it - came back home and played Settlers of Catan (my new favorite game!!), went to the Pie again and then stayed up til 4 in the morning watching Pursuit of Happyness!! So basically, this week was great. Loved it. :D