Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Laugh Attack

Not very many people can make me laugh so hard it sister Shannon is one of the few who can! We can be so goofy together and we have so much fun! I'm so grateful for such awesome little sisters!! :) Anyway, so this past weekend, after some seriously intense scooter and rip-stick riding around our neighborhood and through the church parking lot, Shannon and I decided that we wanted to go to Nielsen's Frozen Custard for some icecream. We decided to go through the drive thru, since it was getting kind of late. Here's how it went down:
Nielsen's person: "Hi, we'll be with you in just a second!"
Me: "Okay!"
So, I have a very short attention span and started to get bored, so I started making a funny noise with my mouth (I'll have to demonstrate in person - its impossible to explain. And NO, it was not one of those immature noises you make when you're 5 years old.). Shannon thought it was pretty funny and she started laughing way hard, so I did it more.
Shannon: "STOP IT! I'm trying to decide what I want and I can't concentrate!"
Me: "You better hurry up, or I'm going to order you bumbleberry."
For some reason, Shannon thought this was huh-larious. And as everyone knows, laughing is contagious, so....the Nielsen's person came back and told me to go ahead and order. So I turned around to tell them what I wanted, and I didn't get two words out before I BUSTED up laughing!! So I regained my composure and tried to order again....same thing happened!! Couldn't get anything out before I started laughing!!! At this point, Shannon is beside herself in the passenger seat. I don't know about anyone else, but when someone else is laughing, its like positive feedback for me - it makes me laugh harder, then it makes whoever I'm with laugh harder, then I laugh even harder...etc. etc...
It took about 5 minutes (the Nielsen's people probably thought I was CRAZY) but I finally was able to spit out what we wanted. What a time to have a laugh Nielsen's Frozen Custard drive embarrassing. But it was sooo funny!!! And totally worth it :)
Anyway, so we pulled up to the window to pick up our ice cream...
Girl at the window: "So......what did you want?"
Oh my goodness, SO funny!!
Shannon and I are going to Disneyland in August, I can't wait to see what kind of laugh attacks and fun adventures we have there!! :)